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Are you running a successful business but struggling to get enquiries through your website and online platforms?

Are you a wizz with words but too time poor to put pen to paper to write effective copy for your ads?

Are you running a busy not-for-profit organisation but not quite sure how to make 'the ask'?

Are you looking to increase client engagement and improve your online search ranking but don't have the time to write a series of SEO friendly content?

Then read on!

Words and the Bees provides professional copywriting and written content services personally tailored towards your target market. 

Whether you are looking for appeal material for your grassroots charity, or you are a corporate business who needs written content for your website and marketing ​collateral, and anyone in between; we supply the copy that will supply you with the results.  

Type any subject into a search engine and you don't have to look too hard to see how many sites are saying the same thing, in a not so different way.  We pride ourselves on providing content that is unique, original and informative to make your product stand head and shoulders above the rest and pique the interest of your target market.

Not only that, we guarantee we will increase your presence with Google and see your site climb higher up the search engine results so that internet searchers find you FIRST!

We are versatile in our nature and will write to any style that suits your brand. Whether you want your copy to be funny yet professional, informative yet engaging or standard SEO content to increase traffic to your website, we have the capacity to produce it all!  

We take the time to conduct thorough research and while we are instinctively creative, we will work within your guidelines to get our words down onto paper in a way that will appeal directly to your existing clients while drawing new ones into the fold. 

Let us use our time to increase your sales, while you use your time to make your product the best it can be!



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August 22, 2016

Seven ways hiring a professional copywriter will make you more money (without you having to lift a finger!) 

"When I told people that I was leaving my safe, secure, passion-invoking job to start a business which offers copywriting and written content services, I was met with three reactions..."


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